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Multigenerational Discipleship.

We at Grace Baptist Alliston are committed to Multigenerational Discipleship and will strive to work at making this a part of 5 key aspects in our church family.

Multigenerational Worship. 

Our commitment is to have worship services that includes people of all ages on Sunday mornings as well as during other times of the week through small groups, life groups and midweek Bible studies.

This includes having materials that will keep all ages as engaged as possible. 

What does this look like?

On Sunday mornings:

We offer notes for the adults in the service.

We have a 2-3 minute object lesson for the children, as well as a handout that includes a colouring page, crossword puzzles, and sermon notes. We seek to include the children at a certain point during the sermon as well. 

Small groups, life groups, and midweek Bible studies: 

We are working toward multigenerational groups. 

The idea is to include materials and activities that will keep all ages engaged. 

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